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Top 10 Best Websites Like Putlocker. Updated in 2020

Putlocker is one of the most famous online streaming sites on the internet. The site is so famous that it has prompted several major internet service providers to block access to it, depriving many of its long-term fans from enjoying convenient access to movies and TV shows.

What is Putlocker?

Putlocker is the collective name for a number of streaming websites for movies and TV shows. All the Putlocker sites bear the name ‘Putlocker’ with different domain extensions.

The website originated in the UK in 2010-2011. Within a short span of time, the site started receiving millions of users from around the world, especially after the shut down of Megaupload.

Putlocker was one of the top-ranking websites worldwide. As per Alexa, Putlocker was one of the top 250 websites.

The website was banned and blocked by the UK authorities following a court order because of copyright infringements.

Putlocker Official Website History

After the shutdown of the original Putlocker website, the streaming service has changed the website address numerous times.

Various sites containing the name ‘Putlocker’ kept getting blocked and hence the owners kept switching to new domains. Some of the popular websites address Putlocker operated with are putlocker.is, putlocker.ch, putlocker.rs, putlocker.com, putlocker.ac, putlocker.io, and putlocker.today.

Due to the popularity of the Putlockers, dozens of clone or mirror websites also spawned and many of them are still functional.

It is unknown whether the original Putlocker owners still run and maintain one of the clones. Nevertheless, Putlocker has become synonymous with website streaming.

Is Putlocker site still available?

As I said, there are dozens of mirror sites operating, bearing the Putlocker name. However, it is still not sure whether the original website is still functional or not.

In fact, one of the Putlocker alternatives I am providing in this article might just as well be the original Putlocker. However, there is no evidence and we do not know if the official Putlocker site is still available.

Is Putlocker Legal and Safe?

Putlocker original site was taken down by the UK authorities following an order from the High Court. The site has been considered as one of the major piracy threats. Therefore, the site is clearly not legal, at least as per the UK High Court.

Websites like Putlocker provide free content. They earn money through advertisements. Since the legality of such sites is questionable, they may also not be safe. Most of these sites tend to use a lot of pop-up commercials, which might redirect you to the spam sites or clicking the ads may download malware on your device.

Fake Putlocker Websites

There have been reported cases of several fake Putlocker websites. These websites are known to redirect users to other suspicious websites that either end up deploying malware on your device or stealing your personal information.

If you are visiting any website that looks like one of the Putlockers, you would want to be careful. Visit a website only if you are absolutely sure.

10 Best Putlocker Alternatives:

How to Watch Movies Online Safely and Anonymously?

VPN (virtual private network) allows you to watch Putlocker or any other online streaming site safely and anonymously by extending a private network across a public network, the internet. In other words, a VPN allows you to create a kind of secret tunnel between you and a website. Everyone that doesn’t have access to this tunnel can’t see what you’re doing, monitor your activity, or control which sites you can access—not even your internet service provider.

Naturally, VPN services are popular among people who use online streaming sites to watch movies and TV shows for free.

One popular VPN service is called NordVPN to watch Putlocker safely and anonymously using Nord VPN:

1. Visit NordVPN official website: www.nordvpn.com.
2. Select a plan and payment method.
3. Complete the registration and activate your user account.
4. Download the NordVPN client for your operating system.
5. Launch the client and log in with your username and password.

NordVPN is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. The service is backed by multiple gateways worldwide with access in 65+ countries.

For a list of other popular VPN services, read this article.

Top 10 Best Alternatives to Putlocker

Vimeo may not be as large as YouTube, but it’s the place to be if you enjoy independent movies from creators around the world. What has attracted so many film-makers to Vimeo is the platform’s supportive community and a large selection of high-quality tools for hosting, sharing, and streaming videos in HD and 4K with no ads.


Unlike YouTube, Vimeo allows its users to download content directly from the site, by clicking on the Download button below each video. You can choose between SD, HD, and the original video quality, and Vimeo’s fast servers don’t keep you waiting.

Los Movies has a massive, 2000-page-long catalog of movies and TV shows of all genres. You can search for movies by name, see which movies are trending at the moment, or have Los Movies display only movies with subtitles.

Los Movies

The site is, unfortunately, a pop-up hell, and it often takes just one misplaced click to trigger an onslaught of pop-ups leading to all sorts of suspicious websites. At the very least, install an ad-block before you visit the site, but a dedicated pop-up blocker would be even better.

Popcornflix describes itself as a platform where you can watch movies without spending any money. The goal of the site is to provide its visitors with access to the latest movies with excellent quality and high download speeds. Popcornflix has everything from action to comedy to sci-fi to romance, and all movies on the site are available in their original language.


When you’re not sure what to watch, you can use the long list of categories located near the bottom of the right sidebar to narrow down the massive catalog of movies to just a single genre. Once you’ve decided which movie you want to watch, click on it and wait until you see a player load. Finally, click the large play button located in the middle of the player and enjoy your movie.

Do you consider yourself to be a TV show addict? Do you find it impossible to resist the temptation to watch the next episode when you discover a show that you enjoy? Do you know there’s an online streaming site where you can satisfy your urge to keep pressing the play button until there are no episodes left to watch? Well, Watch Online Series that site.


From Sopranos to Simpsons, Watch Online Series has it all. Most TV shows on the site are available in HD, and each episode has at least two mirrors. As is often the case, Watch Online Series is best enjoyed with an ad-blocker.

Amazon’s Prime Video is one of the most popular streaming platforms these days. Just like Putlocker, you can log into the online portal of this service using your Prime account and stream it in a web browser. Of course, Amazon Prime has apps for mobiles and TV devices as well.

Prime has many Originals including Fleabag, Jack Ryan, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and more. Besides the Originals, it also has a vast collection of movies, shows, documentaries, sports programs, content for kids, and more.

Amazon Prime Video

There is truly no denying that Amazon Prime is one of the best streaming services to have.

Netflix is the name that needs no introduction. This streaming giant has been around for more than two decades. With more than 150 million subscribers worldwide, Netflix is the biggest media platform in the world.

The 10 best streaming shows on Netflix

Netflix has more Originals than any other streaming service. In addition, it also features a huge library of movies, shows, documentaries, and a great deal more. Though Netflix doesn’t allow all the content to all the regions due to copyright restrictions, one can easily unblock Netflix with a good VPN.

If you are looking for a legal Putlocker alternative, Netflix could be your number one pick.

Disney+ (or Disney Plus) is a very new streaming service. It was launched in November 2019 and it is presently available only in a handful of countries.


This platform started with various originals. It also holds the exclusive streaming rights for content from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Wars franchise.

Even though Disney+ is new, it has already become a rage in the entertainment world.

123Movies is one of the better looking online streaming sites. Apart from movies and TV shows, 123Movies also has an extensive selection of cartoons, anime, and Asian dramas, which sets it apart from other online streaming sites on this list and makes it a great alternative to Putlocker.


Like all other online streaming sites featured in this article, 123Movies doesn’t actually host any content on its servers. Instead, all content is provided by non-affiliated third parties, making 123Movies at least somewhat legal. Still, we recommend you hide your identity using a VPN service, such as the one recommend in the first section of this article.

What has made SolarMovie one of the biggest online streaming sites on the internet is not just the site’s outstanding selection of movies but also its polished design. As soon as you open SolarMovie in your web browser, you can see which movies are trending, which have been viewed the most during that day, and which have the best rating.

Registered users can create lists of their favorites, make requests, and enjoy several other perks. All movies on SolarMovie are beautifully presented, featuring large cover art, description, IMDb rating, keywords, and more. What we also like about Solar Movie is the fact that you can browse movies by the country where they were made, so it’s easy to explore what the wider world of cinema has to offer.

Each online streaming site has certain positives and negatives. The main negative of Primewire is definitely its uninspired design and outdated layout. But if you can look past its uninviting exterior, you’ll discover a treasure trove filled to the brim with movies of all genres and budgets. From wildly successful Hollywood blockbusters to indie movies with limited budget but big heart.


All movies on Primewire are available in at least one of three possible video qualities: low, medium, or high. Being able to choose from several different qualities allows you to enjoy Primewire even when you’re not on Wi-Fi without worrying too much about your monthly data allocation.

Rainierland may have a strange name, but that doesn’t change anything about the fact that the site’s content is top-notch. Movies that are currently trending are conveniently displayed right on the homepage, so you can simply click on the first movie that catches your eye and start watching it without any delay or hoops to jump through.


If you’re a movie connoisseur and don’t settle for anything less than the crème de la crème of cinematography, then you must visit the Cinema section of Rainierland, where you can find a large selection of hand-picked movies of all genres.


As you can see, Putlocker is nowhere near the only online streaming site that you can use to watch movies and TV shows without paying. Regardless of which online streaming site you’ll end up using, we highly recommend you protect your safety and anonymity with a VPN service.

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