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In the wearable field, smart watches and smart bracelets are the two most common types of products. Although smart watches appeared earlier, they did not become as popular as smart phones. The smart watch market will have great room for development. 

Earlier reports released by IDC confirmed this point. Global smart watch shipments will reach 46.2 million units in 2018. It has increased 38.9% from 33.3 million units last year. By 2022, global smart watch shipments will reach 94.3 million units. The compound annual growth rate in 5 years is 19.5%. It will occupy about half of the market share of the total wearable devices. 

HONOR has received high attention in the field of smart watches. The brand brought a brand new smart watch product-HONOR MagicWatch. This is a smart watch that is biased towards sports health. 

This smart watch provides a rich range of sports modes. It includes outdoor running, indoor running, outdoor walking, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling and open waters. Users can see exercise-related data such as time, distance, heart rate, number of steps during the exercise. They can monitor them in real time. 

Let’s focus on its mountaineering mode and open water mode.

This watch supports simultaneous positioning of three major satellite positioning systems. They are GPS + GLONASS + GALILEO positioning system. This is a combination of various positioning systems. It can obtain accurate positioning. This is without signpost indication in the field. 

It has altitude barometer and compass necessary for outdoor sports. It provides 3D distance, height, climbing and other data. 

Thanks to its 5ATM waterproof ability, you can wear it in open waters and other diving areas. It can last for 10 minutes to withstand 50 meters of static water depth pressure.

HONOR watch
HONOR watch

In open water mode, HONOR watch supports swimming stroke verification, stroke number verification. It supports calculation of SWOLF swimming efficiency index. It supports statistics of distance, track (only for swimming in open waters), time, calories and pace. 

Endurance performance is important to evaluate the quality. Official data show that its endurance can reach up to one week. This is when wearing it 24 hours a day. Its uses scientific sleep at night. The user exercises for an average of 90 minutes a week (GPS is turned on). The user turns on message warning (50 short messages, 6 calls, 3 alarm clock reminders per day). They turn on the screen 200 times a day. 

Due to the different habits and the working environment, the endurance performance will have differences. 

When turning on heart rate monitoring and step counting, it uses scientific sleep. It can receive messages. The 24-hour power loss is about 15%. The actual endurance performance is good. 

In order to ensure better endurance performance, it is equipped with an intelligent algorithm. It can identify dynamic scenes. It adopts a dual-chip architecture (high-performance chip + high-energy efficiency chip work together). This is to better control energy consumption. This ensures high-performance operation. 

This model revolves around the word “movement” from appearance design to functional performance. This is consistent with its own positioning. 

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