At MM Perth we focus on small to medium-sized projects. We have a “no work is too small” policy and we treat each engagement with the utmost attention and professionalism.

Who is MM Perth?

We are a team of highly skilled and experienced industry professionals who are passionate about building and construction. We insist on understanding the needs of the owners and developing suitable work areas for each individual project.

We use the latest software that integrates quickly and easily with drawing packages, integrating changes and variations into plans and creating highly accurate and fast results, which saves less time and results for our clients.

We are interested in what we do and it demonstrates our commitment to our clients and our understanding of what is important to their projects. We work fast without compromising precision and we maintain distance at the most complex and busy demands.


What do we do?

We provide a variety of services ranging from basic measurements and bill amounts to a full suite of Es Historic MM services including detailed estimates, contract administration, progress management and claims review.

We have also created an extensive database for project cost pricing and metrics across a wide range of industries.


Why a quantity survey?

A Quantity Surveyor is involved in the beginning of a project in the concept phase and provides advice on expenditure planning, initial budget estimates and the best suitable procurement method for clients and their project.

At the planning stage, Quantity Surveyors provide take-off/measurement, detailed estimates, advice on contract procedures, preparation of tender documents and evaluation of returned tenders.

During the execution phase, quantity surveyors prepare and attest interim certificates, change and modify standards, manage subcontracts, prepare expense/price reconciliation and cash flow forecasts, and draft contractual correspondence.

During the close-out phase, Quantity Surveyors finalizes all changes to the final account preparation, submission and discussion and helps resolve any outstanding issues. A quantity surveyor can also help in handing over all the documents to the owner/client.


What are the benefits of quantity surveyors?

A quantity surveyor plays an important role in bridging the gap between the owner, architect, engineer and builder. We provide independent advice to the project team for the possible range of projects. This will give the client/owner a better understanding of the cost and feasibility of investing in the project. Quantity surveyors can also provide advice to the project team on how to reduce costs to deliver the project on a budget.


We supply:

  • The price advice for optimizing the client’s investment
  • Guidance on the best suitable procurement method for the Proc project
  • Project Advice on the risks involved in a project and how to manage these risks
  • Assistance in tender process and contractor selection
  • Manage expenditures within the budget and reduce the risk of overspending
  • Contract Construction contract finalization and to assist the project team in handing over all necessary documents to the client


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