Fitness Industry is on the rise like never before this pandemic. The evolution of technology, innovation and social distancing brings the birth of the new age fitness to every household. The traditional fitness business was seen crawling as it struggled to adapt to the new pandemic norms. Flexibility is the predominant aspect of this sector as overnight, multiple independent and multinational firms jumped quickly to take over the digital world and go Live with streaming fitness. As global markets show a 30% growth in online fitness programs by 2026, you can see a peak in the online fitness platform business.

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Benefits Of Live Fitness Streaming 

Budding and Leading fitness brands are adapting to live streaming with its popularity. With live fitness streaming and on-demand workout videos, you can design a program to be in touch with your subscribers or members and pave the way for more memberships through digital subscriptions.

  • Real-time workouts- Live streaming is undoubtedly the best way to keep your classes real and ensures your members keep up with your pace in workouts. Group mentality and social interaction will boost up in making healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Saves Time- With the advancement of live streaming, you will save time by avoiding the tedious hours invested in editing a recorded video.
  • Schedule your Classes- In Live streaming, you become the streamer and will be vested with the power of scheduling your session. Viewers of your fitness channel will get notifications for live streaming workout sessions.
  • Live Interactions- Live contact with your members assure you with better monitoring and feedback interactions that lead to improvisations and improvements in achieving result-oriented workout goals.
  • Build a support network- Collective workouts with other members with the guidance of a fitness instructor will build a support network. A sense of more profound connection with members leads to keeping them hooked on to your business.

Grow Your Fitness Streaming Business With Live Interactions 

The key aspect of live streaming is the real-time interaction with your subscribed members in this pandemic. It gives you the privilege of monitoring, motivating, and supporting your members for the entire session, similar to the physical presence. Members can avail themselves with personal training attention in the live streaming interaction. Real-time fitness interactions lead to Two-way communication between the streamer and its members.

Enhance Your Audience With Live Streaming

Live streaming improves interaction, attention, retention of members and builds better customer engagement by reaching people in any corner of the world. The demand for live customized training in the comfort of home environments or offices has further benefited in increasing the audience growth and live fitness market growth.

Monetization Of Live Streaming Fitness

The key to monetization lies in choosing the right monetization model for your digital fitness program. The content you plan to offer your viewers will decide the best revenue model that works wonders for you.

1) Subscriptions

Live fitness streaming platform will enable monthly and yearly subscription prices for the clients to ensure monetization of the workout videos. The members will be willing to pay more if the streaming workout package caters to their needs and gives individual attention. Accessibility, flexibility, convenience determine the growth of making money out of your online fitness business. Lower prices will help with the conversions by not affecting retention.

2) Pay Per View

Pay per view enables creating videos and selling for a one-time fee, and the members can access the videos as long as the streamer decides to. You can live stream fitness classes and market them online with reaching a larger audience. In some cases, you can make your clients pay to gain access to unlimited fitness content after luring them with free initial fitness online classes. With the advancement of each fitness stage, pull your clients into paying a bit more for different live-streaming classes.

3) Advertisements

Ensure free access to fitness OTT videos by offering Ads on your workout programs to have monetization. For AVOD enthusiasts, pre-roll Ads play before any selected video is paid and mid-roll ads play in between the video pausing at strategic points. Viewers can close the In-video ads that pop up on the screen during the video play.

4) Promotions And Coupons

You can broaden your viewer base with elemental discounts on any specific products using coupon codes. With high valuable promotional coupons on VOD, you can make higher returns as they are prime revenue-building models.

Future Fitness Trends

With a rising online fitness wave in the market, many have seized the opportunity in creating their fitness program and digital health programs. The digital space has technically enhanced fitness enthusiasts with live streaming fitness online. Consumer flexibility is a promising factor for the future of live fitness. Digital fitness may not completely replace traditional gyms, but its popularity will keep growing, favouring the clients’ increasing interest. With the right Live streaming equipment, you can make it big in your fitness business.



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