QuickBooks is undoubtedly one of the best accounting software programs that can be accessed by all small and medium-sized business enterprise corporations. As the software program is fruitful because of its great advanced capabilities and default tools, there are times while users come across technical glitches. The one very common error QuickBooks unexpected errors 5 typically happens whilst the users are trying to open the organization file of Quickbooks online login. However, such an error displays with a warning message “got unexpected error 5  in a call to NetShareGetInfo for path”. In case you are unable to understand why this takes place with you and a way to cope-up this error.

Reason for QuickBooks unexpected errors 5

Test-out the beneath indexed factors to realize, what are the possibilities to experience QuickBooks unexpected error 5:

  1. Due to inappropriately installed a QuickBooks software in your pc
  2. You may cause this error trouble if the registry entry or the system documents has been deleted accidentally
  3. Failure to properly run one in all its everyday operations via a system or utility component
  4. Because of invalid entries in Windows Registry
  5. Shut-down pc inappropriately due to power failure
  6. Due to the attacking of malware or any virus, this error can also result

Required Solutions to resolve of QuickBooks unexpected error 5

Earlier than using the below troubleshooting manual, you need to be ensured that you are using an updated or the latest launched version of QuickBooks desktop. Now, let’s begin the subsequent approaches one-through-one:

Solution 1: Re-Create QuickBooks organization file user

  • Steps to Delete the user

To begin with, you are required to delete the existing user. To try this, observe the underneath instructions:

  1. Open QuickBooks desktop first, and then visit “company” tab to select the users
  2. Now, pick out the choice “setup users and Roles”
  3. From the user listing action, select the user that you want to delete and click on “Delete” button
  4. Click “yes” for the confirmation


  • Steps to Recreate the user

Once you delete the user efficiently, now re-create a new one. To do this, observe the under lines:

  1. Go to the “users and Roles” page and choose “New”
  2. Enter the username for the new user
  3. Make a new robust password and verify it
  4. Now, set the roles for the user after which ok button

Solution 2: Use QuickBooks file doctor tool to repair damaged network and corporation file

The perfect solution of this unexpected QuickBooks error 5 is to download and install the QuickBooks file doctor tool and use it to repair the damaged network and corporation file. Here is downloading and installing in the process. So, have a glimpse without delay:

  1. Now, download and install the QuickBooks file doctor from the website
  2. Once it gets set up, it’ll test all the documents and folders within the system and correct the hosting settings as a result
  3. With using QuickBooks file doctor, you could access and control the device through the Permission level setting
  4. You may also restore and discover the damaged documents in QuickBooks software

Solution 3: Install the Reimage repair tool to scan the computer

Install the Reimage repair tool and scan your computer to detect any error and troubleshoot it. Comply with the below steps to do the same:

  1. First, download the Reimage repair tool to your pc
  2. Save this tool for your desktop
  3. Now, go to the file menu and click “yes” when the prompt displays at the display screen
  4. To start the automatic scan, un-tick to the checkbox
  5. Select install and then the tool will start scanning robotically
  6. After you are done with the scanning system, press start repair
  7. At the end, restart your QuickBooks and test whether or not the QuickBooks errors 5 disappeared or not

Solution 4: Give file share access

  1. First, release file Explorer, after which giver a right-click on at the folder where your organization document is been saved
  2. Choose “properties” > “Sharing” tab
  3. Now, choose Partial or full Sharing in line with your business enterprise necessities
  4. After that, click on apply and ok button.

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