Maintaining your brick facade; what exactly does this mean and what is involved here? Maintenance is essential if you want to keep your brick facade clean. Unpleasantness such as a rash is a common problem. Fortunately, this result is harmless in nature and can be remedied well by a professional approach.

Masonry as a cavity wall construction

There is a good chance that the cavity wall construction of your brick facade consists of masonry. Here you have a great advantage! Masonry has a long lifespan and is also low maintenance. In addition, masonry ensures good water management in the facade.

The cause of the rash

Masonry can sometimes show some marks. You’ve probably seen it somewhere: a visible white rash on a brick facade. This is caused by certain substances in the masonry that get wet from rain, allowing water to penetrate. When dried, the water evaporates from the masonry and dissolved substances remain on the facade surface.

Fortunately, this result is harmless in nature. It has no influence whatsoever on the durability of the masonry. Weather rashes will disappear over time. Are you planning to maintain your brick facade with home, garden and kitchen remedies? We do not recommend this. This also applies to improper use of (professional) cleaning agents. After all, there are risks associated with cleaning your brick facade yourself. Prevent problems and have this work carried out by a specialized cleaning company.

Start servicing on time

Brick facades are exposed to pollution and weathering both during construction and after years. It makes sense that you want to avoid this as much as possible. Fortunately, both you and your mason can ensure that your beautiful brick facade is preserved. It is wise to pay attention to the following aspects from the start:

Correct color matching

The use of the right materials for your facade is essential. Besides that you have to choose between the many types of bricks , the color is also important. For example, a light brick color in a wooded area can lead to unwanted pollution. The reason for this is that in this environment you are more likely to get moisture and dirt that can penetrate the stone.

Limit rash

Once the choice of brick has been made, it is important that the mason correctly processes the bricks. Let yourself be advised by a specialized company and fine-tune your wishes. When processing the bricks, it is important that the (white) rash is kept to a minimum.

What do you have to pay attention to?

It is important that you or your mason take the following points into consideration:

  • The roof overhang
  • The overhang on the masonry by means of wall covers
  • The grade on the wall cap
  • The application of window sills under the window openings
  •  Avoidance of rising damp by applying foil above ground level or by applying a frame

Have you or your mason applied the above aspects? Then little to no maintenance is required on your brick facade. Should pollution nevertheless occur? Then it is wise to have your facade cleaned.




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