Scrumptious Chicken Breast Recipes for Dinner

After a busy day, we generally don’t want to put much effort into cooking dinner. Yet it has to be delicious and filling. So we need an ingredient that is easy to cook, versatile with various recipes, and scrumptious. 

Chicken breast is one such ingredient that fulfills all we mentioned above. So here we have listed fantastic chicken breast recipes for easy dinner options.


  • Breaded Chicken Cutlets


Crunchy chicken cutlets are everyone’s favorite, so why not make it a dinner recipe? You need to take two pieces of chicken breasts and grind it. 

Add chopped onions, ginger paste, garlic paste, green chilly, salt, and pepper.

Further, shape the chicken like discs using your hands and coat it with bread crumbs. Then fry it in shallow oil until golden brown. Serve it with hummus or tomato reduction and enjoy the dish.  


  • Stuffed Chicken Breasts


Stuffed chicken breast is easy to cook and delicious to taste. You need to take Chicken breast pieces and slit it by one side. 

Then take another pot and stir fry mushroom, spinach along with ginger and garlic. Your filling is ready.

Take each chicken breast and stuff the healthy filling carefully along with your favorite cheese. Bake the chicken for 20 minutes, and you are ready to have a wholesome dinner.


  • Grilled Chicken with Spinach 


Take chicken breasts and add salt and pepper for marinating. After 1-2 hours, take each piece and grill it with spinach by the side. It will cook the chicken and keep it moist. 

Now enjoy the grilled chicken with hot sauce. This is a very easy dinner recipe that you can try for dinner.


  • Marinated Chicken Breasts


When you marinate Chicken breast, it is even quicker to cook. This is an Indian Chicken marinating recipe, which is a good dinner option.

Take few chicken breasts; add salt, curd, turmeric, ginger paste, and garlic paste. Mix it well, and don’t hesitate to use your hand. 

Keep it aside overnight. You can now fork it and roast it for 15 minutes until the outside becomes golden brown. Enjoy the dish with the family.


  • Creamy Afghani Chicken 


You can pick this recipe for special dinners on the occasion of birthdays or anniversaries. It is a Mughlai dish yet not very hot with spices. Now, take the chicken breasts, cut it into larger pieces. 

Add lime juice, salt, cashew nut paste, fresh cream, garlic paste, and ginger paste. Mix all the ingredients well and then set it aside for 1 hour. 

Now take it out and bake it until cooked. Then, take the chicken out and add cashew nut paste and fresh cream. It is ready to serve. 

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  • Classic Chicken Parmesan


Chicken and cheese are a pair made in heaven. So the next recipe is traditional Chicken Parmesan. This is a filling dinner dish that your family and friends would love. 

Take chicken breasts and pat it with a kitchen towel to make it dry. Now take all-purpose flour and add pepper and salt. In the other bowl, add some eggs and beat them well.

Take the chicken breasts and coat it with four-mix and then coat it with egg. Repeat it twice and then fry it with olive oil. Now take all the fried chicken breasts and place it on the baking pot. 

Add a layer of mozzarella cheese, marinara sauce, and grated parmesan cheese. Bake it for 10 minutes, and you are ready for a delicious dinner.


  • Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Breasts


One of the exciting chicken breast recipes is bacon-wrapped chicken. It looks tempting, tastes lovely, and you will want to eat more. 

For this, you need to take a few chicken breasts and add salt, pepper, and keep it aside. Now wrap bacon strips around each chicken breast. 

When it is done, you can put it on baking for 20 minutes. 

The baked bacon will add crunchy texture and flavor to it. You can also choose to fry and cook the delicious chicken. So enjoy the dish with your loved ones. 


  • Chicken and Dumplings


Another go-to chicken breast recipe is chicken dumplings. Take chicken breasts and mince it fine. Add salt, cumin powder, finely chopped onion, garlic, and ginger. Then make a soft dough using all-purpose flour.

Take small balls of the dough and roll it thin. Fill it with a scoop of chicken prepared for filling. Then twist the ends to seal the dumplings. 

Now you can put the dumplings in the steamer and let it cook for 20 minutes or so. Now take it out to serve.


  • Shredded Chicken salad 


Another simple chicken breast recipe is chicken salad. Take a few pieces of chicken breast and boil it with salt. Now use your electric whisker to shred the chicken.

Take a bowl and add boiled chickpeas, boiled vegetables, and shredded chicken. You can also add a barbeque salad dresser to add flavor. 

Now you are ready with healthy chicken salad for dinner. 


If you plan for regular dinner or special dinner, chicken breasts are a perfect ingredient to include in your dinner. We have mentioned easy yet scrumptious chicken breast recipes in this blog. 

With these recipes, you can enjoy every meal with your friends and family. We hope you liked the blog. Make sure you try these interesting recipes. Also, let us know which recipe did you like the most. 



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