Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger for Women

This perfume has a really girly feel to it and the bottle is really cute! It’s perfect to travel with or can even be brought to the gym. The one thing I enjoy about this, besides how affordable it is, is that it’s really a fresh scent that not many other perfumes have. It’s definitely not heavy, but I definitely notice that I’m wearing something. It’s floral with a touch of citrus and sandalwood, which balances out to be pretty much the perfect scent! This has been around for a while and is still pretty popular with those who follow it. If you haven’t tried this out, I recommend getting a small trial bottle that you can carry around with you. After one use you will probably stick with this perfume for years to come, just like I did. 


Eternity by Calvin Klein for Women

I first sampled this at a friend’s house after she sprayed it, and I haven’t forgotten it since. This is a great fragrance that has a lot of different floral scents in it. The best part about all of these scents is that they don’t make you smell like a grandma! Instead, they work together to make a really nice light scent that makes you feel feminine and fresh. Some scent notes include: amber, mandarin, marigold and white lily. It’s actually a pretty affordable perfume and can be found at a lot of discount stores. If you look it up you’ll find that it has pretty much five-star reviews everywhere because it’s so awesome!


Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

Every girl knows Sarah Jessica Parker from her television shows, which is a big reason why I tried this perfume in the first place. It’s a classic and vibrant scent that I actually didn’t expect. I figured this would smell like a crazy night out, but it’s definitely the opposite. It’s a fragrance that is soft, feminine and classy. I feel it’s best when worn by professionals or women who want to go for something soft. Lavender, apple, orchid and cedar are some of the scent notes you will find in this fragrance. It’s not too sweet, so it’s great for women who are older and don’t want to smell like a teenager. It doesn’t last very long, but that’s nothing a quick spray can’t fix. The bottle is also really pretty, so check it out if you want a beautiful perfume!


Gucci by Gucci

Gucci produces a lot of colognes for men, so I was surprised that I liked this particular woman’s scent so much. It has a lot of interesting scent notes that I feel blend together better than most people would think. Fruit, honey, patchouli, mint and white orchids are just a few of the scent notes that are noticeable. It’s the main women’s fragrance made by Gucci and it has a lot of women who are fans of it. It lasts for several hours and only requires three or four sprays in order to be effective. This is one of the more expensive perfumes, but it’s worth it if you’re looking to try something that is high-end and pretty popular. The bottle is unique and a nice change from what most other perfume bottles look like today. 


Angel by Thierry Mugler

This is a really unique perfume that has a lot of really different scents inside of it. If you smelled each of these scents on their own (chocolate, cotton candy, caramel and fruit), you would think this perfume would smell bad. It actually smells pretty nice and can make you feel like you’re 18 again. It’s a really girly scent, but fades into an earthy scent as you continue to wear it. It lasts for a pretty long time, around 10 hours, so you won’t have to continuously apply it. This isn’t a scent for everyone, so it’s a great idea to try it out before you buy it.


Lolita Lempicka by Lolita Lempicka 

I absolutely love the bottle that this comes in because it’s shaped like an apple and is a really cute color. Even the sprayer on this looks like the stem of the apple! Don’t be confused, all you have to do is push down on the stem and the perfume will come out. The fragrance is fun and unique, which I was really excited about because I loved the bottle so much! It has licorice, vanilla, musk and flowers inside of it that make it a really sweet smelling perfume. This can be worn by women of all ages because it’s so fresh and fun. I think it’s perfect for wearing out during the day, but it can also be worn out for a date or to a club. Only a couple of sprays of this are required in order to create a scent that lasts all day long.


Miss Dior

This is a sweet scent that has a lot of strawberry notes inside of it, which means it’s definitely not for everyone. Fortunately it still is light and not overpowering because of the caramel popcorn and other notes that are inside of it. This is something that a lot of young adults can enjoy because it’s so fresh and youthful feeling. I feel like this is something that you can wear throughout the day while running errands because it’s playful. It’s not something that should be worn professionally, as some people may not like the sweetness. 



If you want a fragrance that is really light and super feminine, this is definitely it. It’s a very floral perfume that also has a bit of citrus and fruit inside of it. Although there are some bitter notes that give it depth, it still comes across as a womanly scent that is perfect for women who are not in their 20’s. I feel it’s best when worn out for an evening or a really special occasion, but not on a daily basis. It’s been around for a while, so you can probably find it on sale for a pretty great price.

There are a lot of different forms of this fragrance, including some for men. If you want the original you may have to shop for it online, as it can be a little difficult to find. The Dolce and Gabbana Feminine is nice, but I feel this has a little bit of a better scent to it for women who want something unique. 


Sung by Alfred Sung for Women

This might be a perfume that you would pass up on while shopping, but it’s worth a second glance. It’s actually got a really nice scent to it and is well worth purchasing because of its affordable price. The first thing I notice when smelling this is the floral notes. These make it light and feminine, but they also make it feel like the summer or spring. I also notice that there are a lot of citrus scents in this that combine with woody scents to give it some interesting depth. I think this is a really great find that is perfect for wearing during the day, at night, at the office or any other time. It’s very affordable, has been around for a while and is genuinely worth adding to any collection.



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