It does not matter what size your business is, as long as you want to remain ahead of the curve, you must deploy in your work environment an effective and productive ERP and CRM solution. While there are many efficient ERP and CRM solutions in the market to help you with data tracking and data management, you should choose the one that depends on your choice: the one that helps you to identify new opportunities, and make the most of it by assisting you in making the right business decision with your quick and accurate insights.

When it comes to small to medium sized businesses, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Business Central has established itself as the ideal SaaS solution. With Business Central implementation you can do the following:

  1. Monitor the health your business.
  2. Review customer history and feedback.
  3. Identify new data trends and opportunities.
  4. Make informed business decisions.

Besides this, Microsoft has introduced some more features and functionalities very recently. The following are the same:

  1. Boosted productivity: the new Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation allows the users to easily access the platform through multiple ways, such as their browser, Android or iOS mobile apps, their Windows 10 desktop app, and on Outlook. This boosts the productivity level by enhancing the decision making process. Now, users can customize or personalize their actions on their Role Center, tailor their list views and multitask on different pages with a fewer clicks than before.
  2. Application enhancement: Business Central implementation allows the users to cancel the reminders, and finance charge memos quickly. It saves the employees a lot of time, by using Batch-post sales and purchase feature. So, the employees don’t have to waste time on posting large amount of documents one by one. It is taken care of on scheduled time line.
  3. Modern tools: the new version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 does not include the development environment(C/SIDE) that has been in use all these years. Instead it is based on a new code, namely Visual Studio Code, integrated with Azure DevOps and AL language which comes with an extension based customization approach. The benefit of this is that the developers can collaborate from anywhere without any difficulty.
  4. Empowered ISV acceleration: the new version also helps to streamline the migration from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central with the help of its simplified ISV (independent software vendor) development. Thus, a small to medium sized business can take advantage of the ISV-led customized solution in Dynamics NAV, within Dynamics 365 Business Central Upgrade.
  5. Application lifecycle management: Microsoft Business Central integration promises SMBs a continuous support, testing and update management which results into easy application lifecycle management. Thus, companies of all sizes and capacities can manage their environment and finance, based on the mandatory legal requirements, around the world and deliver scalability.
  6. Late payment protection: Microsoft Business Central integration comes with an Artificial Intelligence extension. Thus, the users will be able to successfully monitor the invoice and whether they are going to be paid in time or not. It does not end here, the latest version of D365 Business Central comes with an interesting AI tool that has sales and inventory forecast extension. This tool predicts potential sales by examining historical data and estimation of your inventory stocks.
  7. Standard and easy payment options: Microsoft Business Central integration gives way to its SMB clients to serve their customers better with standard PayPal payment methods. The users can send a simple PayPal link in the email body of their sales invoice which makes it easy for the customers to make payment from their PayPal account. With the several modes of payment, you can enjoy the customer payments in your back account faster and without any hassle. The services and be used flexibly, as per the requirements.

When we talk about the new Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, we are looking at an all in one enterprise management solution which is not only easy to use but can also be customized to fit the requirements. It connects all the functionalities of finance, sales, operations, and customer interactions. Thus, to have the business processes streamlines and optimized, it is the best idea to upgrade to the latest version.


Since the launch of the new version, Dynamics 365 Business Central, there has been much hype. This article aims at enlightening those who are interested about the various new features that the Wave 2 Includes.



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