An entrepreneur from New York sees his e-commerce site generate some natural traffic, but his online visibility remains limited. His wish is to find a competent web SEO and SEO services.

The main asset for generating qualified traffic towards long-term e-commerce lies in the structure of the site. The design must integrate a flawless UX (UX = User Experience in New York) and present an exceptional and unique content, 100% relevant to your audience. These two very important goals go hand in hand with branding, the buying experience and ultimately sales.

This entrepreneur from 76 is, therefore, looking for an SEO, but it is in the SEO part that the solution is. Neglecting SEO optimizations not only costs you long-term traffic but also short-term sales.

Positioning e-commerce site under Prestashop

What common optimizations between a commercial site and any other creation?

There are optimizations common to all websites, such as:

Page metadata

The “description” tag has not counted since at least 2019 in SEO, but it appears in Google results to show users the content of the site. What is done a marketing element, which can encourage clicks?

Architecture including semantic silos, taxonomy and sitemap

The conception of architecture is more evident in e-commerce since the logic imposes categories in level I, subcategories in level II, and products in level III. In a traditional site, keyword-based auditing defines the navigation structure.

The speed at which your pages load

Depending on the APIs and other scripts essential to your objectives, the best score may be less than 90. This does not mean that the loading time is bad.


In all situations, the user experience should be taken care of! It triggers leads, purchases, or rejection.

SEO dedicated to e-commerce

Elements of SEO are to be considered more carefully for an e-commerce, including:

The description and headers H1 and H2 of the pages of the 3 levels. To avoid costs, your webmaster must design this part before creating the site codes. If he tells you that he does not know SEO services , but that it does not replace Adwords, it is that he does not know how to do it and that he kicks in touch. Find another web developer.

Invest in a high-quality e-commerce blog

The absolute priority remains the 3 levels of the semantic silos, the blog is a complement which must be worked after these. As much as I am not in favor of the blog in a classic site (the editorial content must serve otherwise!), It is the only complementary content useful in an e-commerce.

Yet blogging in an online store remains one of the most underused, and least well-implemented traffic streams. The blog is not only important for natural traffic, but it is also an essential part of your web marketing strategies.

Still, it must be of quality, with real added value. Bringing content just to say you have articles that you paid 4 cents per word, or less, to an editor who finds their sources from your competition, has no beneficial effect for SEO services in New York. Quality comes at a price, writing for the web for conversion purposes is a skill that requires expertise.

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A blog forms the basis of your content marketing strategy, which is the key to building trust, traffic flows and bringing people together with your brand. To do this, the content of your blog must be focused on topics that interest your target buyer, with useful content, which is not the promotion of your services or products.



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