To scale your industrial business in the right way, CNC lathe machines are the best equipment to work with efficiently. To give your product the best shape and axis through the proper knurling, cutting, drilling, and sanding, nothing can work better than a CNC lathe machine. There are a variety of companies that work with efficiency to create advanced lathe machines to leverage your work. Here are the top 5 CNC lathe machine manufacturer in Gujarat: 


  • NEO Tech Group

Established in the year of 2012, the company is quite well-known in Gujarat for being the trusted manufacturer, supplier, trader, and distributor of CNC lathe machines. The huge range of premium quality machines along with the accessories and automation control panel. 

The company is made of experienced engineers who focus on advanced automation systems with the supreme technology to work as the CNC lathe machine seller. Thereby they work as the best solution provider for complex industrial problems. The CNC lathe machines that they provide are designed with details and come with high-quality performance that works as the best backup for industrial jobs.


  • Jyoti CNC Automation LTD.

Jyoti CNC Automation LTD is one of the largest CNC lathe machine manufacturers in Gujarat and as well as in India. Situated in the Rajkot of India, they work with a large variety of CNC lathe machines at the best price. 

The lathe machines are made using high-quality technologies and offer a trust-worthy performance in large industrial areas. Available at the best price the machines feature high-quality raw materials which talk about the quality of its performance and service. With their trusted service in the market, they are quite famous in the industrial world.


  • Gujarat Lathe Manufacturing Company Pvt. Ltd.

With its 31 years of expertise, Gujarat Lathe Manufacturing Company started its journey in 1989. They started their mission along with the goal to provide high-grade fine-quality lathe machines that can perform with efficiency in various industries.

The PANTHER lathes come with a cutting-edge manufacturing process. Gujarat Lathe offers a huge range of lathe machines that come in various sizes, advanced features, and specifications. Such heavy duty lathe machines are sturdily built and go compatible with the maximum of industry quality. The machines are designed with the finest raw materials that talk about its quality. Moreover, their convenient maintenance, optimized performance, and budget-friendly rate are the USP of the products. 


  • Premier Lathe Manufacturing Company

Established in the Rajkot of Gujarat in the year 1971 the Premier Lathe Manufacturing Company has been working as one of the efficient and well-known CNC Lathe machine sellers for years. 

The variety of lathe machine that the offers are made with flame hardened bed ways made from high-quality iron. The materials are strictly inspected with the Micro level. Besides that, the high tensile steel makes the headstock spindle of the machines. The inclusion of high-end alloy steel also makes the machines finely made. Moreover, the machines pass through strict quality control to offer the best performance.



VARMA ENGINEERING WORKS started their journey in the year 1995 in the Vadodara of Gujarat. Since then they are working as proficient manufacturers and providers of heavy-duty lathe machines for the industry job works.

The lathe machines for sale that they offer are made using high-end technology, which talks about the quality of the product. They deal with a large variety of lathe machine works, which are sturdy -build and offer the best suit to all kinds of industry jobs.  



These are the top 5 CNC lathe machine manufacturers in Gujarat, India, who are well known in the industrial world as the best suppliers. If you are looking for premium quality lathe machines to scale your industry business, then opt for the companies to get the best service.



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